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Zusammenfassung: Quick and simple. Ready mixed Bach flowers globules with different themes, trademark Edis Pets. Additionally, we offer Dr. Bach's emergencies remedy as an ointment.


Edis Pets original Bach flowers

Emergencies Bach Flowers pets (globuli & ointment)

Emergency drops » Edis Five Flowers for pets
Dr Bach emergency combination [...]
9.90 GBP*
Emergency globulis » Edis Five Flowers for pets
Dr Bach famous Five Flowers mi [...]
9.90 GBP*
Emergency ointment » Edis Five Flowers for pets
The first organic certified oi [...]
11.80 GBP*

Edis Pets for dogs - with organic Bach Flowers

Edis Pets for cats - with organic Bach Flowers

Edis Pets for horses - with organic Bach Flowers

All Edis Pets Bach flower complexes for animals are new developments of the Swiss SUNASAR AG. They are the result of intesive cooperation of veterinarians, animal experts and pet owners. For the first time we developed in addition to the general emergencies combination, complexes specifically for horses, dogs and cats. There are currently 22 globules. The application is surprisingly simple. Neither is there a rejection of the Bach flowers because of alcohol or glycerol nor too big globules. These exceptionally small pellets (globules) will be accepted by all animals without problems. Additionally, Dr. Bach's emergencies remedy is availabe as organic ointment consisting of shea butter, almond-, arnica- and jojoba oil. All ingredients of the ointment are from controlled organic farming and without preservatives. Perfect to use and very economical.

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