How to use the Bach flower essences

Vibrational Essences (Bach Flower Essences) do not replace qualified medical assistance if you have a physical illness or disease, however they will complement and help that treatment on subtle levels.

For short term problems and immediate stressful situations:
Dilute two drops (four drops for Five Flowers, Rescue®) of each chosen Bach Flower Essence in a small glass of water and sip at intervals until there is relief.

Personal formula for multiple use:
Add six drops of each chosen essence (no more than twelve different essences) to a 30 ml bottle and top it up to the halfway point with still mineral or filtered water. Add a teaspoon of brandy or apple cider vinegar as a preservative. Then fill the bottle to the top with more still mineral or filtered water. This is now your personal formula. Take four drops of the mixture, four times a day.

Directly from the stock bottle:
The Bach Flower Essences can be dropped neatly onto the tongue or rubbed behind the ears or on the temples and wrists. Take 2 to 4 drops of concentrate 4 times a day. These methods do not have greater benefit than the diluted essences.

Adding to bath water:
Flower Essences may also be added to bath water (16 drops per use).

Adding to lotions or oils:
Dilute ten drops of each chosen essence (no more than ten essences) in a 100 ml bottle of lotion or oil.

Usage of Five Flowers or Rescue®:
All methods mentioned above can of course be used with this special remedy. In case of emergencies the best way to achieve instant relief is to use the remedy directly from the stockbottle. Either by applying it onto the tongue or rubbing it behind the ears or on the temples and wrists. Here you can use the remedy every few minutes until signs of recovery are felt.

Combining Bach Flower Essences and other medications:
The Bach Flower Essences are safe and natural. They have no side effects and will not interfere with any other form of treatment including nutritional, homoeopathic, herbal and prescription medications.

Combining Bach Flower Essences and other Essences:
You may combine Bach Flower Essences and other Essences in your mixture.

How often Bach Flower Essences can be used?
Bach Flower Essences can be used as often as desired. In a crisis you may need only one dose but for a continuing emotional problem you can take them for as long as needed. Benefit comes from small quantity and regular use.
Your special mixture is taken until the problem disappears. Once the emotions are stabilized, the flower essences may be discontinued.

Adverse reactions
Don't worry that an inappropriate remedy might have an adverse reaction. You needn’t fear overdose or error. However they may allow suppressed symptoms to surface. These could include an awareness of emotions which have been denied expression. These are only temporary - they are an important part of the healing process.

Miriana® is a registered trademark of Miriana LTD. Rescue® and Rescue Remedy® are registered trademarks of Bach Flower Remedies LTD.


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