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  • Ihr Hund hält sich für den Sonnenkönig, der eifersüchtig Beachtung einfordert? Besuch kommt nicht mehr - alle wurden verbellt? Dann sind Edis Pets "Im Mittelpunkt" genau das Richtige.
  • Feine Globuli mit bewährten Bio* Bachblüten. 100 % einfach und sicher anzuwenden.

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Globules (sugar spheres) Edis Pets for animals Attention Seeker - I'm the most important!
Especially for dogs. With certified organic Bach flowers. Individually picked by hand from unspoiled nature in the Swiss Alps.

With organic Bach flowers   Alcohol-free   Exceptionally small pellets  

'Edis Pets Attention Seeker - I'm the most important!' globules with organic* Bach flowers for dogs

Bottle size, packaging and usage

  • Situations for this Bach flower combination: Dog always wants to be center of attention. Crowds always in between, jealous, wants too much attention, likes to take everything apart, barking loudly when visitors come.
  • Bottle size: 20g (= approx. 10.000 globules) filled in pharmacy bottles with tamper evident.
  • Packaging / instruction: Shatterproof packed in a recyclable cardboard box. With instruction manual.
  • Usage: This exceptionally small pellets (globules) will be accepted by all animals without problem. Simply add them to the food or water or put them in the mouth or lips 3-4x daily. Details of usage and dosageInfos
  • Production: Edis Pets globules for animals are made by carefully applying organic Bach flowers on sugar spheres by hand.
  • Good to know: Edis Pets are freely available. Pet owners can give them their pets at all times.

Manufacturer of Edis Pets with organic* Bach flowers::

The Swiss SUNASAR AGInfos, one of the largest manufacturers of Bach flower mother tinctures.

About the organic Bach flowers:

Classical Bach flower remedies from plants from controlled ecological wild collection. The plants are growing in unspoiled nature in the Swiss Alps in the Bach flower gardens of SUNASAR AG. They are individually picked by hand by the principles of sustainability.

*From certified organic cultivation, verified by bio.inspecta AG, CH-5070 Frick (CH-BIO-006)


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