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Zusammenfassung: Set: Organic Bach flower remedies. All Edis original stockbottles in wooden box. 20ml without alcohol, ground-breaking!


Organic Bach flowers set 20ml alcohol-free

Organic Bach flowers set 20ml alcohol-free

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Organic Bach flowers - Edis stockbottles SUNASAR AGFavorable complete Bach Flower set with Edis organic stockbottles without alcohol. Certified organic Bach flowers from unspoiled nature in the Swiss Alps. 100% hand made according to the original recipes of Dr. Bach.

Alcohol-free   Glycerol-free   Organic Agave syrupMore   100% hand made

Organic Bach flowers set 20ml without alcohol - Edis stockbottles in wooden box:

  • Content of the Bach flowers set:
    • 38 original alkohol-free Edis stockbottles 20ml manufactured according to the specifications of Dr Bach. In organic quality in dropper bottles.
    • 1x original Edis organic Five flowers stockbottle without alcohol.
    • 1x original Edis organic Five flowers Night stockbottle without alcohol.
    • 4 mixing bottles (dropper).
    • 10 labels for the mixing bottles.
    • 1 waterproof felt-tip pen to label the mixing bottles.
    • 1 light wooden box with 45 marked compartments made from ecological raw materials.Infos.
    • 1 four-language instruction (EN, GER, F, IT).
  • Conservation and shelf life: Edis non-alcoholic stockbottles contain no glycerol or alcohol but about 80% vol. organic Agave syrupMore. Their shelf life is at least 2 years.
  • What does Bach flower and stockbottle mean? These are flower essences that were developed by the English physician Dr Bach in the 30s of the last century. Stockbottle (= storage bottle) is defined as Bach flower concentrate.
  • Manufacturer of non-alcoholic organic * stockbottles:: The Swiss SUNASAR AGInfos, one of the largest manufacturers of Bach flower mother tinctures.
  • Certified organic* quality: Classical Bach flower remedies from plants from controlled ecological wild collection. The plants are growing in unspoiled nature in the Swiss Alps in the Bach flower gardens of SUNASAR AG. They are individually picked by hand by the principles of sustainability. Zertifikate einsehenInfos
  • Production and bottling: Edis organic* stockbottles are carefully hand-crafted according to the specifications of Dr. Bach and bottled in a brown bottle with a glass pipette and tamper evidence.

*From certified organic cultivation, verified by bio.inspecta AG, CH-5070 Frick (CH-BIO-006)

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