All Edis Pets: Ready mixed Bach Flowers for pets

Instruction: Let yourself be guided through the illustrations and captions to the right Edis Pets. There are 22 globules and one ointment. Clicking will take you directly to the detailed information page.

Dr. Bach's emergencies remedies

Grafik1 DROPS: First Aid, panic, accident, New Year, tragic incident, pain, loss, biting, visit at the vet
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  GLOBULIS: First Aid, panic, accident, New Year, tragic incident, pain, loss, biting, visit at the vet
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  OINTMENT: First Aid, panic, accident, New Year, tragic incident, pain, loss, biting, visit at the vet
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Edis Pets for dogs with organic Bach Flowers

Grafik5 Hunting runners, jumping up, rush, pursue bikes or skaters, harass
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Grafik7 Comes when he wants, questions leadership, fights for food, growling, occupy couch, doesn't give up toys
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Grafik9 Hunting drive, poaching, doesn't hear on distance. Your dog thinks he must supply his pack.
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Grafik11 Leash aggression, barking and growling on leash, impatience and excitement, pull and tug wherever he wants.
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Grafik13 Dog owner is too weak in the eyes of the dog, macho behavior with stiff legs, constant fights, rivalry, bad experiences, bully.
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Grafik15 Dog always wants to be center of attention. Crowds always in between, jealous, wants too much attention, likes to take everything apart, barking loudly when visitors come.
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Grafik17 Scared through bad experience, fear of certain noises, fear of other dogs and people, fear from overstraining from new things.
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Grafik19 Fear of separation, can not be alone, destroying, peeing, whining.
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Grafik21 Rewards himself, begging at the table, stealing food, power games, starring, drooling, whining.
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Grafik23 Recovery, draw strength after a long illness or operation, lack of drive, unmotivated.
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Edis Pets for cats with organic Bach Flowers

Grafik25 Uncleanliness as protest, new family member, baby, holiday care, new environment, moving, new food or dietary change. A dog or a second cat comes into the family.
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Grafik27 Other cats in the household (stress), bullying, ambush, refuse access to food, threaten and fight.
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Grafik29 Fear of a new environment, fear of humans and other cats, hiss out of fear, being bullied, fear of pain.
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Grafik31 Scratching of walls and objects, boredom, can't or isn't allowed to get outside, no playmates, marking in the apartment, territorial behavior.
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Grafik33 Meowing in night, rushing around in flat, demanding to cuddle and pats in night, getting into bed to harass, constantly wants to get in an out again.
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Grafik35 Recovery, draw strength after a long illness or surgery, hide, no appetite, lack of drive.
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Grafik37 Refusing food, whining, always sitting in front of a filled bowl, begging for treats, trying to get attention by refusing food, no appetite.
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Edis Pets for horses with organic Bach Flowers

Grafik39 Excitement before tournaments, anxiety at the blacksmith / in front of cars and tractors, panic at noises in the riding-hall, anxiety in trailers, fear of being alone, is suppressed by other horses,
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Grafik41 Excitement, to much pressure, restless, impatient with new exercises, overwhelmed, difficulty with change, unfocused.
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