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Zusammenfassung: 20ml dropper - Rescue remedy - Original English Bach flowers


Rescue Remedy dropper 20ml

Rescue Remedy dropper 20ml

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7.25 GBP

Product-ID: 8001002  

20 ml apiece
(36.25 GBP/100 ml)

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Rescue® remedy dropper (with Five flowers):
PZN: 00018230

  • Quality Original english goods. Always fresh and current.
  • What does Rescue® mean? Rescue (Five Flowers) is a combination of five of the Bach flower essences. It soothes the stress and tensions of everyday life. The First Aid Essence get us back to normal. We can calmly deal with any situation like: after getting bad news, before an exam, when feeling tension, any time you loose balance mentally, stress, job interviews, emergencies.
    • Manufacturer: Nelsons GmbH
    • Production and bottling: Rescue® is manufactured according to the specifications of Dr Bach and mechanically filled into brown thin-walled glass bottles with dropper.
    • Conservation and shelf life: Rescue® contains about 27% alcohol. It has a shelf life of 5 years.

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