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Zusammenfassung: Edis Bach Flowers. Organic Five Flowers Night. 20ml without alcohol. Same formula as Rescue Night.

Five Flowers Night alc.-free » 20ml Edis organic

Five Flowers Night alc.-free » 20ml Edis organic

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20 ml apiece
(49.50 GBP/100 ml)

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Organic Bach flowers - Edis stockbottles SUNASAR AG Organic Five Flowers Night with Dr. Bach's world-famous complex no. 39 + White Chestnut. With certified organic Bach flowers. Individually picked by hand from unspoiled nature in the Swiss Alps.

Organic Bach flowers   Alcohol-free   Without glycerol   Organic Agave syrupMore

Five Flowers + Night organic* combination no. 39 + White Chestnut without alcohol:

  • Bottle size and package: 20 ml filling quantity in brown pharmacy dropper bottle. Shatterproof packed in a recyclable cardboard box. Edis organic* Bach flower combination Five Flowers Night is carefully hand-crafted according to the specifications of Dr. Bach.
  • Conservation and shelf life: Edis non-alcoholic combination Five Flowers + Night contains no glycerol or alcohol but about 80% vol. organic Agave syrupMore. It's shelf life is at least 3 years.
  • Manufacturer of Edis organic Five Flowers + Night without alcohol: The Swiss SUNASAR AGInfos, one of the largest manufacturers of Bach flower mother tinctures.
  • What does Five Flowers Night mean? Dr. Bach used a combination for emergencies with the five essences Cherry Plum, Clematis, Impatiens, Rock Rose and Star of Bethlehem. He wanted to have it always at hand for stressful sitations and extraordinary crises. We use his original receipt for our Five Flowers combination and add the Bach flower White Chestnut for Five Flowers Night.
  • Recepts: Edis organic non-alcoholic Five Flowers Night combinations are excellent for the production of mixtures and the direct method. (2 drops onto the tongue). Usage adviceInfos
  • Certified organic* quality: Bach flower remedies from plants from controlled ecological wild collection. The plants are growing in unspoiled nature in the Swiss Alps in the Bach flower gardens of SUNASAR AG. They are individually picked by hand by the principles of sustainability. The certification and inspection is done by bio.inspecta (CH-BIO-006). CertificatesInfos

*From certified organic cultivation, verified by bio.inspecta AG, CH-5070 Frick (CH-BIO-006)

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