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Organic Bach flowers - Edis stockbottles SUNASAR AGFive Flowers cream with Dr. Bach's world-famous remedy no. 39 and Crab Apple. With certified organic Bach flowers. Individually picked by hand from unspoiled nature in the Swiss Alps.

With organic Bach flowers   Shea butter   No animal experiments

Five Flowers cream with Dr. Bach's remedy no. 39 + Crab Apple

Edis Ready's Five Flowers cream is unique: It's the first time a cream of this type was made 100% with ingredients from organic farming and ecological wild collection. Ingredients: Traditional shea butter, almond oil, jojoba oil and Five Flowers + Crab Apple - without preservatives, adjuvants, without perfume.

Size, packaging and usage

  • Size: Filled into high-quality 70-ml plastic jar.
  • Usage: This cream is very economical and pleasant to use. It can be applied as often as desired. The elements in the Shea butter remain very long contained in the skin, the effect is extended. The skin can regenerate itself, is supple and smooth. The cream is also great for protective use at low temperatures because it almost doesn't contain water.
  • Production: Five Flowers cream with organic* Bach flowers is carefully produced by hand, with recipes using only quality raw materials. During the development we payed particular attention to skin-compatibly and non-irritating ingredients. No animal experiments have been made.
  • Shelf life: At least 2 years. Store cool and dry.

About the Five Flowers cream

This natural cream is perfect as soothing and regenerating skin care. It causes a faster healing of minor injuries and supplies dry and cracked skin with moisture. It stimulates the natural skin regeneration. It contains Dr. Bach's famous remedy no. 39 and Crab Apple (Other Names: Emergency, First Aid remedy, Rescue)


Manufacturer of Edis Pets five Flowers ointment with organic* Bach flowers:

The Swiss SUNASAR AGInfos, one of the largest manufacturers of Bach flower mother tinctures.

Original organic* Bach flowers from the Swiss Alps

The ointment contains Dr. Bach's emergencies combination no. 39 (Cherry Plum, Clematis, Impatiens, Rock Rose, Star of Bethlehem) and Crab Apple.
The Bach flowers are from plants from controlled organic wild collection. The plants are growing in unspoiled nature in the Swiss Alps. They are individually picked by hand by the principles of sustainability.

*From certified organic cultivation, verified by bio.inspecta AG, CH-5070 Frick (CH-BIO-006)

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