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Original bio Bach flower essences Sunasar Original bio Bach flower essences Sunasar

Organic Bach flowers also particularly suited for animals (dogs, cats, horses), Rescue...

You can find in our shop classical original Bach flower essences "Edis" with alcohol, innovative Bach flowers without alcohol, Edis Pets ready mixes for animals and more! All with Bach flowers grown in the Swiss alps. To store

Manufacturer of the innovative Edis & Edis Pets with organic essences according to Dr. Bach

The Swiss SUNASAR AG, one of the leading manufacturers of Bach flower essences. More than half of the Bach flower products in Germany are based on SUNASAR Bach flowers.
Leading heads of the SUNASAR AG are Susan Mehranfar and Dr. Klaus Huck. Both have a strong passion for the tradition of powerfull Bach flowers through their work as therapist and maunfacturer of mother tinctures since decades.
With Edis organic Bach flower remedies and Edis Pets ready mixtures with organic Bach flowers from Swiss alps they respond directly to the desire of customers with highest standards. To store

Certified organic Bach flowers

During Dr. Bach's lifetime there wasn't a huge need to worry about the threat of natural resources and harmful substances in plants. But this is different by now. For precisely that reason it's the ambition of the SUNASAR AG to produce uncontaminated essences in balance with nature.
The handpicked flowers come from certified organic cultivation and controlled wild collection since 2012. Since summer 2012 the SUNASAR Bach flowers are certified with the Swiss an European organic certification by bio.inspecta. View the certificate

History and basic information about Dr. Bach and the Bach Flower Essences.

The Bach Flower remedies were developed by Dr. Edward Bach, a doctor and well known physician, bacteriologist, homeopath and researcher. He believed that attitude of mind plays a vital role in maintaining health and recovering from illness.
There are 38 original Bach remedies plus his famous number 39 (First Aid, Five flowers), each prescribed for certain mental and emotional problems. They form a complete therapeutic system. Practitioners treat every variety of human emotional imbalance with the 39 Bach flower remedies.
Dr. Bach's number 39 is the combination of five flowers. He used it for extreme situations. There are different names for it (Five Flowers, Rescue, First Aid).

Production of Bach Flowers

The 38 flower essences were discovered by Dr Bach. On a sunny day, the blooms are picked at their peak of condition. They are prepared by very simple natural means. So that the best results are achieved to preserve the essence. There are two different methods according to Dr Bach to extract the helping properties of the flowers. The sun method and the boiling method. The extract of each flower is preserved by mixing it with full-strength brandy. These extracts are called 'mother essences'. Drops of these mother essences are diluted in additional brandy, are bottled and are then called 'stock-bottles'.

How to use Bach flower essences

Bach Flower Essences can be used as often as desired. In a crisis you may need only one dose but for a continuing emotional problem you can take them for as long as needed. Benefit comes from small quantity and regular use. Your special mixture is taken until the problem disappears. Once the emotions are stabilized, the flower essences may be discontinued.

Further information (links) to the Bach Flower therapy


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